Medieval and Renaissance Sword Arts

Brisbane Swords is a HEMA school teaching historical combat arts with practical application and modern teaching methods.
Taught by an instructor with over 30 years martial arts training and 15 years teaching experience.
Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) are based on existent manuscripts from the early 1300s to the 1800's and beyond.
Brisbane Swords primarily focuses on Sword and Buckler, Longsword and Rapier (and other interests).

Sword and combat training is great for fitness, martial arts proficiency, problem solving, confidence building and a lot of fun.
Regular local, social and competitive fencing events exist through the year.and combat

Group classes have closed, Private tuition available by appointment.
Private tuition is a really focused way to learn rather than being in a class where you only get divided attention and instructio

Brisbane Swords is committed to providing a welcoming environment for all. Discriminatory and anti-social conduct is not tolerated.

Covid Safe:
Brisbane Sword operates within the guidelines for community sporting groups.
We train in a large open hall, and operate within current requirements
Brisbane Swords requests that attendees keep personal distance and not attend if sick.
Check our Facebook for any changes.
Electronic payment methods preferred.

Some areas of focus are:

i33 Walpurgis / Tower Fightbook (Early 1300's)
Sword and Buckler
Andre Lignitzer (1450-80)
Sword and Buckler
Fiore dei Liberi (from 1409)
Wrestling (Abrazare), Dagger, Sword in one hand, Sword in two hands (Longsword), Spear, and Poleax
Phillipo Vadi Pisano (1480's)
Longsword, Dagger, Spear and Poleax
Vincentio Saviolo (1595)
Renaissance / Elizabethan Rapier, and Dagger
Giacomo di Grassi (1594)
Rapier and offhand weapons
Manual del Baratero - Anonymous (1849)
Spanish Navaja / Knife